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19-Jan-2015 11:32

Not for the purpose of strengthening the military’s ability to achieve its mission.Not for any purpose, other than to play at social engineering.Not from the standpoint of telling you who to vote for—that's none of our business—but from the standpoint of explaining the impact of the ways those we elect think and act on our society.In our first article we examine the situation behind what brought women into combat, and what we should do about it.Beginning next month, and for the next several more, we'll post videos each month instead of ruminative articles of military focused social commentary. Take us along with you to the beach, and enjoy the short videos we post instead of all of this thinking about thinking.Let’s get the political haranguing out of the way before we go too much further...Experimentation in terms of how this leftist leaning President that we have in office can play his game to see how he can change society to suit his view of what we should all be. How else to explain his decision to fully integrate women into the combat roles of the military?Not for the purpose of improving America’s combat effectiveness, that’s for sure.

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To try and change the America we have built for over 200 years into Barack Obama’s version of what America should be.

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