Updating wow over network

06-Dec-2016 10:53

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The 2nd part you can see the option for When I launch a game, by default it sets it as keep the window open, I personally would choose exit completely.

You will still be able to use the play button to launch the game and automatically log into your account without the need for authentication.

The game specific settings I think is self explanatory.

Network bandwidth With latest updates by default it will be set to 0 as you can see in the screenshot Setting maximum download rate to 0 = unlimited bandwidth while downloading current patch data. Like maybe you do something that uses a lot of your internet connections bandwidth so while you love to play wow you still would like to be able to multitask or whatever else.

So this is up to you and your current ISP's limitation for speed.

If your connection is lets say 30,000kbps or 60,000kbps maybe you know giving it half or a third of it for current patch data would be optimal.

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So I took 2 screenshots here because it's one of the larger tabs So lets go over the options in this first screenshot So until about the first red arrow I don't recommend messing with anything.For me personally I have a high speed internet connection and my download is about 120mbps so automatic updates don't bother me to much.

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