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20-Dec-2015 03:46

More information regarding device configuration is available in the Tivoli Storage Manager Administrator's Guide, which can be found in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager information center.

updating firmware on scalar 100-40

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Note: it means you already have the latest patch if you get error "patch is forbidden". Ensure you have access to the RMU (Web Interface) before continuing.You should know that it’s not just a case of swapping out drives, the first thing you need to do is tell the library you are removing the drives.After a little research I found that it is possible to use LTO drives in the same library but not together with SDLT drives, although I found no instructions on how to do this.

So here they are after a successful implementation.First Stage: Replacing the magazines and drives Preparation: You need the replacement drives, storage magazines & brackets for LTO and the firmware.