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We were talking about how much we loved eating dessert and it let us to an old saying “กินคาวไม่กินหวานสันดานไพร่ gin kaao mâi gin wăan săn-daan prâi/”.People in this generation like to jokingly use it as an excuse to eat […] We selected lovely Thai phrases that could help express your feelings.We hope it helps you to understand Thai people better and you can also apply to your own […] “Chiang Rai (เชียงราย)” might be less well known than Chiang Mai as a tourist destination.After my visit to Chiang Rai in February 2015 I found that Chiang Rai was actually much fascinating with less tourists than Chiang Mai.Learn these romantic Thai phrases to win over that special someone in your life. You melt my heart คุณทำให้ใจผมละลาย /kun tam-hâi jai pŏm lá-laai/ ทำให้ tam-hâi = cause, make ละลาย lá-laai = melt 2. – คุณโดนใจผมมาก […] There are many floating markets around Thailand.I enjoy being by the water so I have visited to many of them.

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Teacher Pear has a small gift for you all – she made a short video talking about five useful questions you can use to ask your Thai friends about their New Year’s celebration.

She also has lovely message to say to you at the […] A lot of people asked me if Thai people celebrate New Year like the rest of the world as the traditional Thai New Year is on 13th of April known as ‘Songkran’. Thai people have been celebrating the 1st of January as the first day of the year for almost 70 […] As I was writing our newsletter last week I was scanning through the videos Pear and I have uploaded over the past 12 months.

I took the opportunity to film a short video lesson about inquiring for a room and making a reservation as well as requesting for extra things in the resort.

Fortunately a receptionist was so kind to help me making […] Water wars are undoubtedly the focus of modern-day Songkran festivities but they are not the only mode of celebration.Every year on this day, His Majesty the King gives an advice while.

However, he is best known for his characters on the big screen in films as ‘Juice’, ‘Scream 2’, ‘Love and Basketball’ and in the television series as ‘ER’ and ‘House’.… continue reading »

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