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Some translations of the New Testament into other languages: Modern Hebrew NT 111,154 Vulgate 125,720 Italian La Sacra Bibbia 163,870 Luther 169,536 French Novelle Version 184,449 La Sainte Bible (Geneve) 185,859 3. Truly, that we might not varie from the sense of that which we had translated before, if the word signified the same thing in both places (for there bee some wordes that bee not of the same sense every where) we were especially carefull, and made a conscience, according to our duetie.” 4. This myth continues to be promoted today, yet even the translators of the KJV were not sure on hundreds of occasions which rendering was best, allowing the reader to decide for himself. Augustine saith, that varietie of Translations is profitable for the finding out of the sense of the Scriptures: so diversitie of signification and sense in the margine, where the text is not so cleare, must needes doe good, yea is necessary, as we are perswaded…They that are wise, had rather have their judgements at libertie in differences of readings, then to be captivated to one, when it may be the other.” The original KJV had approximately 8000 marginal notes, though these have been stripped out in modern printings of the Authorized Version.The TEV, REB, and NJB also have ‘young woman’ here.

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The former means ‘the very words,’ and the latter means ‘the very voice.’ That is, the exact words or the essential thought. Chapter numbers were added by Stephen Langton, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in the early 13 century. The pocket-sized two-volume work (which can be viewed at has three parallel columns, one in Greek and two in Latin (one Erasmus’s Latin text, the other Jerome’s).

Translations must keep up with the evolution of the receptor language.

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