Speed dating at comic con

10-Apr-2016 09:47

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The second sheet was for our own use; we could take notes, write descriptions, whatever we wanted.

The room was made up of 15 sets of chairs facing each other, which seemed a bit intimidating at first, but as soon as the room started to fill up, it was actually not too bad (and this is coming from someone who does not like to have her bubble invaded). I won’t go into the specifics about the guys that I met, but they were all a lot of fun!

For just and the day’s admission to con, attendees could pre-register to participate, and there were multiple sessions for both hetero coupling and LGBT coupling.

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I ended up with only one mutual match, but it just so happens that the guy was really awesome!

All of them seemed to be very friendly, and most of them had similar interests to me.

Some were in cosplay (as it was welcome at the event), and most of the others were decked out in their geeky gear.

Meeting new people is definitely not a strong suit for me, and neither is dating, so when I saw the Nerd Nite speed dating opportunity coordinated by the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), I immediately thought it was a great idea for some people, just not me. But as an adult, I realize that sometimes we have to go outside our comfort zone and try some new things.

And if I can meeting 15 dudes in 90 minutes and try to make a connection, why not?I wanted to meet people; not necessarily for dating, but definitely just to meet some cool people with similar interests, and challenge myself.