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I changed the tempo and rewrote some of the verses, and in all likelihood, if Dan Bryant had not made that hurry-up request, “Dixie” never would have been brought out. In 1921 the song “By the Waters of Minnetonka, An Indian Love Song” by Thurlow Lieurance was published.

A tune called “Minnesota Cadet Lancers” was written by Lawrence Schaich in 1883. The song was dedicated to George Oscar Bowen and the Mendelssohn Club.

Lots of times bands cancelled or were substituted after the show was listed in a “Coming Events” section of a magazine or newspaper. *I am no computer genius, and this site got majorly messed up when it got converted to Word Press, so please excuse the amateurish look to it. *I have a TON of information and photos yet to post. 1903 “The Minneapolis Song” was published in 1903, word and music by “Monssini.” Inside it says acc. Claggett’s Orchestra provided the music for both dances.

I also got better at photo shopping pictures, so I hope to be replacing many of them, if I live long enough. A dance was held at Opera Hall in Hopkins after a basketball game between the Hopkins AA “quint” and the Apex quint of Minneapolis on January 14, 1915, and repeated on March 27.

I started looking at the Northwestern Bulletin when it started in March 1922.

And it looks like the tiny black community was having some fun in the Roaring ’20s!

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It is mostly just a chronological list of musical events that took place here in the Twin Cities, primarily focusing on national acts that came here. Grey headed lads and lassies and lads with wide, smooth “boulevards” prominent when their heads were uncovered, who had not “mixed” for years and whose feet had not been “shook” for so long that a specie of “hesitation” was apparent early in the evening, finally warmed to the fun and when quitting time came still stayed on for another hour of pleasure and enjoyment. There will be no “youngsters” there to offend you with the “boll wiggle weavel,” the “honey bug” or any of the rest of those new fangled “aggravations,” for the unmarried kiddies are all barred.*The Search function on this site isn’t going to help you much, so use the search function on your browser if you’re looking for something specific. Music for both dances, “which will be attended by a large number of young folks from Minneapolis, will be furnished by Claggett’s Orchestra of six pieces.” There was a big masquerade ball at Dania Hall on February 27, 1915. The song “Minnesota Mine” was presented to the Minnesota Federation of Women’s Clubs by the Federation’s Fifth District in 1918.I think there’s a way to do bookmarks like I had in Front Page. *This site is poorly annotated and can never be a book because in most cases I can’t go back and trace my sources. (March 1961), tells the story of the Minnesota connection to the very Southern song “Dixie.” There is no question that the song was written by Daniel Decatur Emmett, but there is some controversy as to where and when. Paul historian Mark Fitzpatrick, Dan wrote it in the summer of 1857 on the porch of his brother’s house in St. His brother was Lafayette Emmett, who was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Minnesota. On April 30, 1915, Claggett’s Orchestra went to Green Isle for a grand ball. Louis Park held an “all star home talent minstrel show” at the High School Auditorium on December 1, 1915, under the auspices of the St. Words were by Margaret Landor, music by Willard Patton. Louis Park: “Odd Fellows and Rebekahs and their friends enjoyed a very pleasant social dance in the IOOF Hall Monday evening [January 4] after the regular Rebekah session at which over forty couples tripped the light fantastic to the strains of music furnished by Johnnie, Frank Sefcik, Miss Sue Wheeler.” had fun reporting this: Big Attendance Marks First Ball Seventy Odd Couples of Married Folks Worship at Shrine of Terpsichore With Old Style Dances No dazzling young tango artist or the spritliest spirit that ever danced the maxixe nor the sweetest thing that ever adorned the floor in the turkey trot – none of ’em – have anything on Hopkins’ married folks when it comes to mixin’ it at the shrine of Terpsichore as revealed by the first dance of the Married Folks Dancing Club held in Olson’s Hall Saturday evening.

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It appears that it was included in a 1925 compilation of Lieurance’s Indian songs.

Dan asked Emmett to write a “walkaround’ or “hooray” number for the next show – something catchy that people would whistle in the street. The so-called “Liquor Patrol Limits” were primarily downtown and part of northeast. These locations were never identified – guess everyone knew where Millers Hall was.