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27-May-2015 12:10

They acknowledged the imperfect comparison of MRI intravenous contrast agents with vaccinations, but said it was a "comparable procedure carried out routinely in healthy children." The investigators found a similar risk of local and minor systemic reactions from MRI contrast and MMR vaccination (about 4% to 6%).

Also, of 102 children who used the mock scanner, 98% went on to have a successful MRI procedure.“Any measure that can be taken to increase the safety of patients is worth exploring, especially when dealing with the particularly sensitive population that is pediatrics,” said Mc Guirt.In her research, Mc Guirt identified the eight most commonly used alternatives to pediatric sedation in MRI preparation: mock scanner, MR-compatible audiovisual system, feed-sleep manipulation, play therapy, incubators/immobilizers, photo diary, sucrose solution and guided imagery.Schmidt, MD, from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and colleagues reported.

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In contrast, riding in a car carries a risk of six deaths per 100 million trips for children 14 years or younger and 40 deaths per 100 million trips for children ages 15 to 19, according to the study published online in ."MRI can therefore meet the minimal-risk standard from the point of view of physical harm," which ethics review boards use to determine if a clinical study can proceed, the researchers wrote.