Pretee webcams

02-Aug-2016 23:22

Nearly every video piece of yours seems to have the distinct aesthetic of webcam footage, from the fluttery movements to the unusual compression artifacts and use built-in filters and effects.

Is there something in these particular 'defaults' that you're drawn to?

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Do you think it's important that your work is presented in the same environment?that is coming out soon i think Do you actively study art history?i try to learn as i go, i feel like am not that knowledgable about art, i worry that i border on being stupid about it even :/ Do you read art criticism, philosophy, or critical theory? i feel like it makes me feel self conscious and stupid because i never know whats going on what they are talking about. Are there any issues around the production of, or the display/exhibition of new media art that you’re concerned about?i mean i have done some music videos - for excepter and restless people. recently i did a collaboration with a mexican fashion designer roberto sanchez and photographer alvaro nates.

we did a photoshoot when i was in mexico city for nylon mexico and metal magazine and then later i worked with the iamges and edited them with some effects to maek some pieces.

Could you describe the method you use for pricing your Youtube videos? i am into prints on fabric now i have been making flags.. it cost so much money to buy all that paint too photoshop paint is free once u buy a computer and steal the software Are you involved in other creative or social activities (i.e. im trying to become fluent in spansih, i love dogs i probably could have been a psycho dog breeder, i dont know.

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