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Obviously, as most of our astute readers would notice, we won’t find any documents dated with BC by their original author (or even with AD in the first few centuries AD).

The BC-AD dating system did not exist prior to the sixth century AD, but since it is now the almost universally accepted dating system (and since dating systems can be applied to any calendar system - see the “Calendar Components” chapter in part 1), we can back-date all previous events for standardization and simplicity (see the “Closing Thoughts” chapter in part 5 for back-dating challenges).

Despite his abandonment of the old dating system, Dionysius established a correlation with the Diocletian years for those who continued to use the old system (the (AD).

It was later discovered that Dionysius was slightly off regarding his calculation of the year of the Incarnation.

At the First Council of Nicaea (325 AD), it was agreed that the date for Easter be divorced from the Hebrew calendar and the Jewish Passover.

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At the time, some calendars were dated by the aforementioned AUC system (based on the founding of Rome), but in the most commonly used system, calendar years were dated from the first year of the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian (284 AD) who ushered in the bloodiest persecution of Christians (~303-311 AD) ever sanctioned by the empire.A full discourse on the disagreements over which day to celebrate Christianity’s most important holiday (which continue even today) is beyond the scope of this article, but we’ll hit the brief highlights.The original Easter of course, is based on the crucifixion of Christ, which we can date on the 14th of the Hebrew month of , variances over the date of celebration were present within the very next generation after Jesus and the apostles.In part 2, we explored the development of various calendar systems within the political and historical context of the major nations during Biblical times and the early church period.

In part 3, we look at the origin and the eventual acceptance of our modern BC-AD ( Throughout the previous parts of this article, we’ve dated most events using the “BC” year designation.

“BC” and “AD” are designations given to identify the years within the calendar dating system that is based upon the birth of Christ as its point of origin.