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16-Jan-2016 12:49

MIDO’s monitoring of problematic Facebook accounts, which was supported by Internews along with the Safe Online Space trainings around last year’s elections in Myanmar, found that many posts simply tried to insinuate links between Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party and Muslims — in order to discredit the popular leader with the country’s Buddhist majority.

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In Myanmar, as elsewhere, it is very common for example to frame the targeted group as a “threat” of some sort — which then leads to villagers such as those in Kone Thar being afraid of Muslims or “Kalars.” Most anti-hate speech projects combine various approaches and experiments to find the best ways to tackle the issue — research, social media monitoring, dialogues and briefings for journalists, civil society groups and other key stakeholders, and digital media literacy trainings.

But in Kone Thar, MIDO’s SOS training workshop could make a difference.