Local sex without registration

23-Mar-2016 09:30

It all adds up to a system with little room for mercy. 13: Due a production error, the map of minimum registration duration for sex offenders originally misstated that Hawaii's minimum duration is five years and Ohio's is 10.The minimum registration duration is life in Hawaii and 15 years in Ohio. 13: This map reflects the default minimum registration requirement for sex offenders in each state. _________ GENERAL PROVISIONS As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, the words and terms defined in NRS 179D.015 to 179D.120, inclusive, have the meanings ascribed to them in those sections. LIMITATIONS ON LIABILITY AND THE DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION NRS 179D.850 Name of victim not to be disclosed; immunity from liability for certain entities and their officers and employees for act or omission relating to information obtained, maintained or disclosed.

See above for an example of how the petition process works in Missouri.

In Alabama, offenders have to pay a 0 filing fee, which cannot be waived for lack of funds.