Groupwise inbox not updating

19-Jul-2016 17:20

[NEW] Added a new option in the Designer that will update existing EXE's with new token files. You can now choose which List View column to sort on.

This is usefull if your tokens are subscription and you renewed your subscription or you are adding additional license for additional servers. You can now choose to attach the file to email or to embed the report in the email body.

The service is: "NWGWC: Mass Import of Group Wise External Entities from CSV, connect to e Dir container (columns: Name, Surname, External Network ID, GWPO)" [NEW] There is a new display service to show the Group Wise Archive Path of users.

It shows information about Group Wise Domains such as their Group Wise Version, User count, Resource count, Distribution List count, Library count, Gateway count, Last Modified By object, Total Mailbox count, Inactive Mailbox count, Full License Mailbox count, and Limited License Mailbox count.