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And Wendy (Melissa Leo), who is older than most of the bar's clientele, finds herself vying for the attentions of both Marc and the more age-appropriate Doug (Robert Clohessy).

One Night was an official selection at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Archer notices a beautiful alien woman and her dog on the balcony just below his.

Later, he strikes up a conversation, learning her name is Keyla, and that the Suliban massacred her entire family.

Winning a vacation himself, Archer boards a shuttle pod along with Commander Tucker, Lieutenant Reed, and Ensigns Mayweather and Sato.

Once the shuttle pod lands on Risa, the crew all go their separate ways.

A comedy about refuting expectations that never deviates from formula, “Friends and Romans” squanders charismatic star Michael Rispoli in a leaden mess that elicits nothing but eye-rolling groans.

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Co-producers, Annabella Sciorra, Sammy Silver, Dennis Turcinovic. Schmidt; editor, David Leonard; music, Aaron Mirman; music supervisor, David Leinheardt; production designer, Nadya Gurevich; set decorator, Annie Laurie Miller; costume designer, Michael Bevins; sound (DTS/SDDS/Dolby Digital), Tony Volante; visual effects supervisor, Adam Teninbaum; stunt coordinator, Manny Siverio; line producer, Tim Duff; assistant director, Susan T. Michael Rispoli, Annabella Sciorra, Paul Ben-Victor, Anthony De Sando, Katie Stevens, Tony Sirico, Charlie Semine, Patrick Kerr, David Brown, Armen Garo, Louis Vanaria, John Bianco, Tony Darrow, Joe D’Onofrio, Mandy Bruno, Donna Marie Recco.One of his newly assigned patients is a Mafioso named Paul Vitti. Sobel believes that their sessions will be routine, but when Vitti reveals that he is expected to become the next Mafia boss, the sessions are filled with unexpected stress for both men. Sobel begins to think that he will be in need of his own psychiatrist before long.