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in his day has been a wife-beater, an habitual drunk, a 40-a-day smoker, a long-term welfare scrounger, a gambler, a cheat, a bully and a liar.That severely limits his appeal as a subject for heart-warming Christmas TV specials, childrens birthday cards or corporate branding campaigns, and yet the strip has still found its way to the very top tier of global success.Just a few months ago, in March 2012, Andy became an unlikely spokesman for the British Governments Change4Life campaign, which sponsored a months worth of strips showing his attempts to reform.

About half the strips published in Andys first 25 years dont appear in the collections anyway. Schulz had a brand new biography published in 2007 (his second), while the only substantial source on Smythes life remains a relatively brief essay in Les Lilleys 1990 collection was born and raised in the twin city of Minneapolis/St Paul, where he has a collection of Peanuts statues mounted in a public park, an ice hockey arena named after him and until 2006 a full-scale Snoopy theme park at the Mall of America.adventures have inspired a West End musical still revived today, a UK television series starring James Bolam in the title role and a 1973 book using Andys antics to interpret the Gospels.His face has been used to sell not only the crisps, canned beer and homebrew kits youd expect, but also cookbooks, boxer shorts, Royal Doulton figurines, phonecards, disposable cameras and babies bibs.Both men struck out in bravely original directions with their chosen strips, Schulz by reflecting 1950s Americas growing obsession with psycho-analysis, and Smythe by offering a brutal kitchen-sink realism many years before British film or television plucked up the courage to do so.

beats Andy on any measure you care to take, whether that be creators tenure, syndication reach, total readership, merchandising income, international sales or adaptions in other media.the way, Smythe proved himself a far more subtle, innovative and stylish cartoonist than hes generally given credit for.

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