Dating yemen girls

17-May-2016 17:18

One child bride, who married at age 13, told Human Rights Watch: “I thought marriage was just a wedding, a party and that was it.I didn't have any idea that marriage had another meaning.” She described how her first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, and then her second came during her first year of high school. “Then my family saw the results of my first year of high school and I had failed....The transition period, which began after Ali Abdullah Saleh stepped down from the presidency under popular pressure in February 2012, will culminate with presidential and parliamentary elections in February 2014.As part of the transition, the six-month long National Dialogue Conference began on March 18.Yemen has backtracked on protecting girls from forced marriage.In 1999, Yemen’s parliament, citing religious grounds, abolished the legal minimum age for marriage for girls and boys, which was then 15.(Sanaa) –Yemen should protect its girls from the devastating effects of early marriage by setting 18 as the minimum age for marriage by law, Human Rights Watch said today.The current political transition and drafting process for a new constitution offer a unique opportunity for the Yemeni government to enact laws protecting the rights of girls.

They said that marrying early meant that they lost control over their lives, including the ability to decide whether and when to bear children.

A new Human Rights Watch video documents the psychological and physical harm that child marriage causes to girls.