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It’s especially creepy when a guy does this when the car is already well in motion, as if something is about to happen that would make you consider jumping out of a moving car! The guy might know he’s a standup citizen, trying to protect you from all the creepers in the neighborhood, but he has to realize that if he just rolled up, you have no way of knowing he’s not trying to kidnap you. Maybe the guy is trying to show you you have his full attention.

“I see you walking in this neighborhood every morning” or “I noticed you going to work down the street and I think you’re cute…” The guy thinks it’s romantic: all you can think is somebody who you never even noticed before has been watching you! You meet a guy at a bar, or on the beach, or in the grocery store, and give him your number. Not to ask you on a date, but just to say goodnight. But this is the age of technology—we all understand that people sometimes get urgent work calls at indecent hours.

Surprises are like gifts: It's not about pleasing ourselves; it's about giving our partners what they want.7. Keep the trust and he won't want to be anywhere else.8. Today, we think that writing letters is a thing of the past; however, it's a gesture that shows how invested you are in the relationship and how important this person is to you.

Every three months, write a letter to your partner about the great moments both of you have experienced together and how you have grown stronger as a couple.

You're sending the message that he deserves some pampering.

If you also wear something sexy as you serve the breakfast, it's bound to be a total hit.10. Get out of the routine of going to restaurants and the movies, and plan a fun adventure together such as zip-lining or rock-climbing.

You're letting the world know what a great guy you have.

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This just starts to make a woman feel that a man wants her to be indebted to him… But ordering a bunch of “plates for the table” and obsessively feeding you every bite makes you think he has a problem.Make him wait until you've reached your destination.5. Mosts guys enjoy watching their favorite ball games but are also expecting that you're going to hassle them about it.Surprise him by having something else to do so he knows you won’t be upset by him watching the game.You get extra points for fixing snacks or even sitting down to watch it with him (as long as you don't distract him by asking too many questions).6.

Make one of your partner's lifelong wishes come true. Play detective by listening to cues from regular conversations you have with your partner such as, These kind of comments give you important information about your partner's dreams, so make them come true! This creates a genuine, natural warmth and desire in him for you that keeps his heart open and his hormones charged. The truth is, when a woman is respectfully direct about what she needs and wants, the man in her life feels more comfortable, confident and secure in the relationship.

It doesn't have to be something of monumental proportion; just recognize his effort and how much it meant to you.2. Learn about your partner's frustrations, wishes and dreams.