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Feel free to also add websites, especially if they're free for commercial games too. :)I'll start with Sculptris: from Dr Petter of Ludum Dare fame, it's a free Windows tool which makes 3D modeling and texturing VERY easy and fun.Can apparently be used for commercial stuff; donationware :) One more from Dr Petter, a classic in Ludum Dare competitions: SFXr, and its Mac port cfxr.:) for people who don't like dealing with audio programs/Online audio converter, supports a load of formats for the upload, and you can download them in the usual .mp3, etc.I didn't know there was something like stock photos for video games, but you can actually get some tilesets here (or a full set of playing cards or whatever): am just not sure if exclusive licenses are possible after the fact if your game goes big.I mean, the forking wouldn't really be that much fun but I never got it to work with git anyway.

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Source control: Subversion Git Bazaar Mercurial Concurrent Versioning System (CVS)Other stuff of interest:open SUSE - the wonderful Linux distribution I use. It's pretty daunting at first glance, but get a tutorial and I think you'll find that it's a lot easier than it seems. Compare this with a beast like Maya or DAZ Studio that requires hundreds.

Connect your i Phone to your computer and click on “i Phone” when it appears to i Tunes (to top left corner) 4. You can have custom ringtones also on Android phones If you’re not sure how that’s done on your Android phone, please search the instructions from Google.

It’s a bit different on different makes and models.

Oh well, that's a problem I'd like to have.

: D For pixel-art and tile-animations I use the free version of find it slightly better then which I used before and feel is more for doing traditional terrain-tilesets For editing/convert (to spacesaving oggs for example) sounds I take from I use For simple music, lmms is okay (Windows and Linux only).There's even an i Phone app :) random 8-bit style sounds for several typical situations which can be exported as WAV files.