Dating by train from beijing

20-Sep-2015 00:58

The triumph of the Yellow Emperor over the Yan Emperor at Banquan united the two Emperors' tribes and gave rise to the Huaxia or Chinese nation, which then defeated Chiyou and the Nine Li tribes in the Battle of Zhuolu, possibly at Zhuolu, 75 km (47 mi) west of Yanqing in Hebei Province.You (幽) or Youzhou (幽州) later became one of the historical names for Beijing.During the first millennia of imperial rule, Beijing was a provincial city in northern China.Its stature grew in the 10th to the 13th centuries when the nomadic Khitan and forest-dwelling Jurchen peoples from beyond the Great Wall expanded southward and made the city a capital of their dynasties, the Liao and Jin.Both Yan and Ji were situated along an important north-south trade route along the eastern flank of the Taihang Mountains from the Central Plain to the northern steppes.

Several historical accounts mention a "Hill of Ji" northwest of the city, which would correspond to the large mound at the White Cloud Abbey, outside Xibianmen about 4 km (2.5 mi) north of Guang'anmen.

When Kublai Khan made Dadu the capital of the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty (1279–1368), all of China was ruled from Beijing for the first time.

From 1279 onward, with the exception of two interludes from 1368 to 14 to 1949, Beijing would remain as China's capital, serving as the seat of power for the Ming dynasty (1421–1644), the Manchu-led Qing dynasty (1644–1912), the early Republic of China (1912–1928) and now the People's Republic of China (1949–present).

According to Sima Qian, King Wu of Zhou, in the 11th year of his reign, deposed the last Shang king and conferred titles to nobles within his domain including the rulers of the city states Ji (蓟/薊) and Yan (燕).

He then named his kinsman, Ji Shi, Duke Shao of Zhou, as the vassal of Yan.The earliest events of Beijing's history are shrouded in legend and myth.

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