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26-Nov-2015 10:14

By signing up for Christian Datingfor, you will have the opportunity to converse and meet with single Christians of many different cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, etc.

Think of all the fascinating new concepts you will discover.

Like to cook together and talk about positive stuff.

I prefer easygoing, reliable, and a loose friendship until we are sure of something deeper....

(And all the delicious new food you may get to try out) f you want to build a relationship with someone who cherishes real Christian values, we will guarantee that the people you meet on our site are the real deal.

By using a manual approval system, we ensure that our members are real Christians with real beliefs.

By joining our site, you will have access to a wealth of dating tips.

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:glow: Just a little to get started:waving: Happy and self-sustaining, interested in a gentleman who has similar tastes and needs and who understands spending time alone and just being together without too much drama or overthinking what we are doing.If you bring up a quote from Leviticus over dinner, you can be sure your date will understand and not stare as if you were suddenly speaking a dead language.