Anniversaries do you celebrate while dating manually updating mda compact iii gps

20-Jan-2016 19:58

We wouldn't do cards and presents though and we would only do it yearly not monthly. got to hold hands the whole time.) Then I took her out to lunch, then to a movie, then to a jewelry store to buy her a bracelet she liked - then to dinner, then took her back to my place and we made love several times, then took her home and left her with some roses and a kiss.The whole thing cost me about 0 USD But shit, I like to spoil em. I think we'll start slowing down anniversaries when we reach our first year, and then we'll celebrate it every year.Now, in this case we’re talking about relationship anniversaries, not wedding anniversaries.

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The trouble is that we already have a day for that: Valentine’s Day.

Oh, I'll shut up now We don't really do cards, although we appreciate anniversaries (not that we've had a lot!!

) On our six months in November last year we went out for dinner, and he made me a card on Valentine's Day.

On our one-year anniversary we went for dinner and he surprised me with a pair of earrings, and (after exams were over) we booked a weekend in a guesthouse a few towns away.

We celebrate but we don't really give each other cards Well..considering it hasn't even been two months there hasn't been much to celebrate haha.

By the time he was free for the evening he was too tired to do anything and I was ready to go exploring.