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When he suspected there was something off about his girlfriend Sutton, he learned why: her twin Emma had taken her place.From there, he and Emma got together, but were stunned when Sutton returned.But Dan's girlfriend convinces him to get off his behind and fight to get his girl back.Unfortunately it's not so simple for Ethan when Sutton continues to pull at his heartstrings as well.A., her mother out of the picture and her shady dad being extremely tough on her.Putting her energy into dance, Mads soon fell for her instructor Eduardo, who landed in the hospital after her dad caught wind of it, and was then was paid by Alec to leave town.But Laurel then finds out Ryan only wanted to get close to her because he believes Laurel's dad Ted (Andy Buckley), a doctor, was responsible for his mom dying in the hospital.

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But will she learn why Alec hasn't spilled her secret yet?Not to mention single Emma has been cozying up to Thayer.Mads Rybak (Alice Greczyn)Where she left off: Best friends with Sutton, Mads had a tough time with her brother Thayer (Christian Alexander) off in L.Sutton then got in a car accident, but was saved by her birth mother Rebecca.

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Turns out the two were working together to take down the people who had wronged them, especially Alec Rybek (Adrian Pasdar).Mads later learns the truth about Emma and helps her try to find the truth about Derek's murder.